About Vashti Sarah

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Vashti Sarah. Just shy of nearing my 30s, my goal is to become the best version of myself and live the best version of life possible.
Aside from accomplishing the many goals I have set before me, my greatest one is to be a part of making heaven crowded. Hopefully, this platform attributes to that.

I am captivated by the moments that take our breath away. Those moments whether good or bad, I have learned it is those that shape who we are, how we think, and what we leave behind as our legacy.

I challenge you to allow these moments to propel you to become a better version of your yesterdays you. My goal here is to bring life through writing; to spark and create inspiration, and to challenge you who are reading, listening, or watching to be a part of becoming a better you and making heaven crowded!


Vashti Sarah.