Hindsight, 2020.

This year has been extraordinary. In more ways than one. In all actuality, in more ways than most years had to offer. 2020 was considered the year of clear vision (20/20). An insight on life. Truth be told, 2020 did just that. With obstacles and daggers coming from all directions, a global pandemic, shutdowns, riots– the spiritual battle of this year intensified as months progressed. In light of the chaos, we lost focus. Said clear vision was blurred by trials, insecurities, loneliness and temptations that were secretly hidden and never fully redeemed from.

2020. A year that brought out the best and worst in us. For many it became clear that their so-called faith walk in Christ was hinged on community rather than a personal willingness to devout solely to Christ without the aid of the Church. Sadly, that part for many has suffered. What little remained has been singed by the heat of lust, surrounding chaos and lack of discipline.

2020. A year that resurfaced wounds, confirmed our inability to succeed without media and destroyed families who strived on personal connection.

2020. A year that stirred hate in mankind, shifted the focus on political views and skin pigmentation, justifying crime, luting and hate, why? Because history. History not any more a picture of progress, rather an open wound never healed because man said you, we, me are — victims.

2020. A year a virus whose size ranges from 60 to a maximum diameter of 140 nanometers kills hope, dreams, jobs, families, and life itself. Where chance of survival sits at a whopping 99.98% for most age brackets. A minuscule organism who can only been seen through the aid of a microscope, has so much power that it scares, drives and births fears all while humans panic for hope.

2020. A year to remember. Some have bravely taken the route of leaving behind the old, learning from mistakes and that which has brought discomfort. Many however have unconsciously decided that the year 2020 will be brought into the new. Clanged onto excuses, dwelled in sadness and mournfulness, most have chosen the path to remain stuck in their “stuckness.”

Hindsight, 2020.

A year where in the midst of an everlasting storm life entered the world. Women become moms an answered prayer of extendedness. Little fingers and toes, bright eyes and a heartbeat that pauses time and drowns storms itself.

2020. A year where dreams become a reality. Humans capitalize on an opportunity to become, be and be known. Companies acculturate and diversify. Imagination no longer a thought buried in the minds of the creative, rather is reality. Dreams do come true.

2020. A year where the church grew, doubled and tripled in size as hope is searched for by those affected by global chaos in search for a power, a higher power — God. Church leaders stood the test of time and innovation sparked new streams of evangelism beckoning lost souls towards hope, in light of sadness. Hope in light of chaos. Hope, in light of lost loved ones. Hope, in light of the unknown.

2020. A year where heated conversations on politics, religion and race brought insight, birth compassion and developed unlikely friendships found on differing point of views on life. Differences that brought connectivity. Refocused our thinking and understanding of how the unlikely can become one.

2020. A year where children were reunited with their homes. Once trafficked, abused and used by their predators, now freed. Escaped slavery only now starting a journey towards freedom. They will make it. They have stories to tell. Both victims and their heroes, stories that shapes us. That will shape what the future will view as history.  

2020. A year where teachers, frontline workers, businessmen and women, the essentials, church leaders bravely took on a pandemic. Where the unknown remained months on end in plain view. They, you, me, we did it. Plowing through the days, masking who we are to protect oneself and those around us despites beliefs in hopes to make it through. And they did. You did, we did.

2020. Now an idiomatic where things become obvious, initially not. Where humans are given the freedom to evaluate past choices more clearly looking back at the time of their choice, yet the choice is to keep 2020 a focus only to justify one’s lackadaisical approach to life. For some that is.  Oh, 2020. How you’ve shaped us humans, scarred, wounded and divided this race. You’ve also healed, unified and birth newness. A year. 356 days, now a part of our history.

What is your hindsight 2020?

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My hindsight for 2020 is how important it is to reach out to your friends and family. To simply ask how their day is going or what they’re up to. It can change someone’s week because they might not get that from anywhere else. Loving like Jesus commanded is literally what we are created to do yet we can so easily put that on the backburner as Christians. Making a conscious effort each week to check in on someone throughout 2021 is my goal

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