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Are you an on-the-go listener? Well, this podcast is just for you! This is a parity to blog posts written on We will dive into topics that are not quite talked about, character traits we are too ashamed to admit, real-life issues, and more. Most importantly we will be highlighting Christian principles that will help us become a better version of ourselves. I want to motivate you. I want to cheer you on! I am in your corner. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Beautiful Mess: Seeing the upraise beauty in the mess before you | FT. Lauren Zoucha Post Blog Podcast

It's fair to say we've all faced some type of mess in our life. Our minds and heart can often get muddy in these situations as we ponder life. In this episode, guest Lauren Zoucha shares her walk through one of her most challenging messes and how she was able to get through this.  Diving into Proverbs 3, Lauren shares a unique perspective on lessons learned through life's happenings when disruption to the pattern of a sustainable life gets muddy. Lauren encourages listeners to:At all times seek God (P 3:21) – inviting Him into the mundane part of our lives.Find accountability – we're not meant to do life alone.Follow Lauren Zoucha on Instagram –
  1. Beautiful Mess: Seeing the upraise beauty in the mess before you | FT. Lauren Zoucha
  2. New Mom Series Pt 3: Keeping authentic to you | FT. Ariel Montgomery
  3. New Mom Series Pt 2: Birth Story | FT. Ariel Montgomery
  4. New Mom Series Pt 1: New mom life | FT. Ariel Montgomery
  5. A look behind the doors of suicide | FT. Chelsea Brett

Season 3

EP 1 – Sin – Not an opinion.
EP 2 – Media…a dangerous disconnect
EP 3 – Gratitude Attitude
EP 4 – If you cannot be a missionary in your backyard, what’s the point of going overseas? Ft. Paul & Nicole Lee

Post Blog Podcast – Season 2
EP 1 – Perhaps
EP 2 – Coffee Strength; Christianity Rank
EP 3- You have God on “blocked”
EP 4 – Live or die from criticism
EP 5 – Restore
EP 6 – Fear: a form of self-absorption
EP 7 – Artifice Strides
EP 8- Quit speaking that over your life! – Jamie Eubanks
EP 9 – Tele god.
EP 10 – If you weren’t afraid…
EP 11 – Stuck-ness
EP 12 – That’s not fair God! Ft. Michelle McCraken
EP 13 – Disposable
EP 14 – Permissible Sin
EP 15 – You can do hard things!
EP 16 – You are worth(y).
EP 17 – This morning I made an omelette. Ft. Jarrod Pisors
EP 18 – Living on crumbs
EP 19 – Walk Through Grief Ft. Ariel Montgomery
EP 20 – What’s in your cup?
EP 21 – 8 months of marriage & 8 things we’ve learned Ft. Jarrod Pisors [BONUS EPISODE]
Post Blog Podcast – Season 1
EP 1 – Hindsight 2020
EP 2 – Envy
EP 3 – Jealous Much?
EP 4 – Lens | Pt. 1
EP 5 – Lens | Pt. 2 “Scissors Strikes Again”
EP 6 – Rejecting the rationalization of FOMO | Pt. 1
EP 7 – Rejecting the rationalization of FOMO | Pt. 2
EP 8 – Emotional Debt Collector
EP 9 – I’m right. You’re wrong.
EP 10 – Honor Who?
EP 11 – More than “sex before marriage”
EP 12 – Don’t talk to me.
EP 13 – We’re just friends…
EP 14 – I called it quits!
EP 15 – I’m not prideful. I’m confident. | Pt.1
EP 16 – I’m not prideful. I’m confident. | Pt.2
EP 17 – Habitual Consumption
EP 18 -Pocket Blessings
EP 19 – Bleeding Pain
EP 20 – Humiliation= Murder
EP 21 – Depression Ft. Veronica Guerrero, LPA [BONUS EPISODE]

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Excited for this new journey of your life. Hindsight 2020 will definitely help me to look back and make changes in areas I need to.

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