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Are you an on-the-go listener? Well, this podcast is just for you! This is a parity to blog posts written on We will dive into topics that are not quite talked about, character traits we are too ashamed to admit, real-life issues, and more. Most importantly we will be highlighting Christian principles that will help us become a better version of ourselves. I want to motivate you. I want to cheer you on! I am in your corner. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

How I got the man of my dreams All the Things

While I don't believe in "the one" I do believe you can marry the best for you.  I wholeheartedly believe I married the best man. In this episode I share do's and dont's that led to finding the man of my dreams. Three things I did:I kept Jesus first. Allowed him to lead from the start. Worked on me – physically, emotionally, mentally (who you are is who you will attract) Three things I didn’t do: I didn’t date around – fully committed to one. I didn’t give up my life – I didn’t change my schedule to fit his.I didn’t follow all the rules – we weren’t perfect but that’s just being real.Today's Sponsor:EveryLife — the only premium baby brand that is unapologetically pro-life. EveryLife offers high-performing, supremely soft diapers and wipes that protect and celebrate every precious life. Head to and use promo code VASHTI10 to get 10% off your first order today!Seven Weeks Coffee — Seven Weeks is a pro-life coffee company with a simple mission: DONATE 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centers across America. Get your organically farmed and pesticide-free coffee at and let your coffee serve a greater purpose. Use the promo code VASHTI10 to save 10% off your order.Shop:PureJoy&Co. —  https://purejoyandco.etsy.comKantoShark – https://kantoshark.comSupport the show
  1. How I got the man of my dreams
  2. Quit Acting Like You're Married
  3. Prison Saved My Life | Ft. Natalie Weaver
  4. UNEXPECTED Reasons Christians Get Divorced Ft. Dana Spinlar, MA,LPC
  5. When A Porn Addiction Shatters Your Marriage Ft. Elle Ladebu

Season 3

EP 1 – Sin – Not an opinion.
EP 2 – Media…a dangerous disconnect
EP 3 – Gratitude Attitude
EP 4 – If you cannot be a missionary in your backyard, what’s the point of going overseas? Ft. Paul & Nicole Lee

Post Blog Podcast – Season 2
EP 1 – Perhaps
EP 2 – Coffee Strength; Christianity Rank
EP 3- You have God on “blocked”
EP 4 – Live or die from criticism
EP 5 – Restore
EP 6 – Fear: a form of self-absorption
EP 7 – Artifice Strides
EP 8- Quit speaking that over your life! – Jamie Eubanks
EP 9 – Tele god.
EP 10 – If you weren’t afraid…
EP 11 – Stuck-ness
EP 12 – That’s not fair God! Ft. Michelle McCraken
EP 13 – Disposable
EP 14 – Permissible Sin
EP 15 – You can do hard things!
EP 16 – You are worth(y).
EP 17 – This morning I made an omelette. Ft. Jarrod Pisors
EP 18 – Living on crumbs
EP 19 – Walk Through Grief Ft. Ariel Montgomery
EP 20 – What’s in your cup?
EP 21 – 8 months of marriage & 8 things we’ve learned Ft. Jarrod Pisors [BONUS EPISODE]
Post Blog Podcast – Season 1
EP 1 – Hindsight 2020
EP 2 – Envy
EP 3 – Jealous Much?
EP 4 – Lens | Pt. 1
EP 5 – Lens | Pt. 2 “Scissors Strikes Again”
EP 6 – Rejecting the rationalization of FOMO | Pt. 1
EP 7 – Rejecting the rationalization of FOMO | Pt. 2
EP 8 – Emotional Debt Collector
EP 9 – I’m right. You’re wrong.
EP 10 – Honor Who?
EP 11 – More than “sex before marriage”
EP 12 – Don’t talk to me.
EP 13 – We’re just friends…
EP 14 – I called it quits!
EP 15 – I’m not prideful. I’m confident. | Pt.1
EP 16 – I’m not prideful. I’m confident. | Pt.2
EP 17 – Habitual Consumption
EP 18 -Pocket Blessings
EP 19 – Bleeding Pain
EP 20 – Humiliation= Murder
EP 21 – Depression Ft. Veronica Guerrero, LPA [BONUS EPISODE]

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Excited for this new journey of your life. Hindsight 2020 will definitely help me to look back and make changes in areas I need to.

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