If you weren’t afraid… Ft. David & Morgan Hargrove

Vashti Sarah
Vashti Sarah
If you weren't afraid... Ft. David & Morgan Hargrove

What would you do if you weren't afraid? Fear is one of the biggest reasons we remain stuck and comfortable. We are okay with not taking risks because comfort is easier than trusting an unknown future to a known God. At least that's what we convince ourselves. In this episode, my dear friends David & Morgan Hargrove tackle the topic of fear. They share parts of their story and challenges you and I to:
1. Run the risk-reward analysis – is God still God?
2. Start small, achieve those small steps, and repeat.
3. Look at what's possible with faith (see Bible examples).
Bonus Tip: don't be a cold timid soul that has neither experienced victory nor defeat – Do that thing!

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