Permissible Sin

Vashti Sarah
Vashti Sarah
Permissible Sin

We've passed a lot of sin as permissible. We've said they are "okay." We've come up with clever justification as to why what we do or how we choose to live is "somewhat Christlike" and because of the somewhat we've deemed it okay. In this episode, I highlight some of today's sins we've convinced ourselves are harmless and sadly daily entertain:

  1. Over-sexualizing the up and coming generation
  2. Validating impurity consumed through our eyes and ears
  3. Feeding the sensual appetites of the body
  4. Idolizing politics, social media "likes," status, and fame
  5. Justifying enmity and hostility among those who think differently
  6. Refusing the release from the grip having on anger and bitterness
  7. Supporting the retaliation in fits of anger
  8. Teaming up on jealousy and envy among the body of Christ
  9. Affirming unhealthy competitiveness that leads to division
  10. Support, approval, and glorifying the state of intoxication
  11. Accepting and engaging in orgies and sexual indulgence promoted in TV shows, movies, songs

 Those are just to name a few. 

My challenge to you, the Christ-follower, is to seek truth, seek to be an image-bearer of Christ, and in doing so, we truly will be uncommon people living out integrity and our purpose here on earth.

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