Test your limits

Happy New Year! With the start of every new year, we have many opportunities to change, grow and become a better version of ourselves. To some degree, we get to test what we’re capable of at the start of the year with our new year resolution and goals. These are all the grand things we have in mind to accomplish, break or change. For most of us, we wait until the start of the year to get at it. We have high hopes for what’s to come however there’s always that tinge of doubt and fear. Too often we’ve allowed these fears, insecurity, and doubts to keep us where we’ve always been. We quit entirely the moment we slip up. We give up when life becomes difficult. We push it off to the next year because we’re uncomfortable with the uncomfort of the disciplined life. Let’s face it, we’ve become okay with being a quitter. 

We’ve adopted this mindset in our Christian walk, our 9-5 jobs, hobby, and the list goes on. We’ve said it’s okay to be stuck while our talents, capabilities, and bodies are literally wasting away. How many of us can do so much more, but we’ve become satisfied with the mundane? Whether you are a believer or not, we’ve each been awarded a lot of talents/gifts/capabilities. We will give an account of how we utilized our time, our talents/gifts, how we steward our bodies, opportunities and the list goes on. Some day we will give an account. I believe that account will be given to our creator, God. If we’re merely walking through life and satisfied with that, I’d dare say we’ve got it wrong. If we’re not actively utilizing every opportunity to test ourselves and become a better version of who we are we will not know what we are capable of. 

Reasons why we don’t test our limits: 

  1. Fear
  2. Doubts
  3. Insecurity 
  4. Comparison

I’ve learned to stretch myself. I’ve learned the importance of being uncomfortable. I’ve learned that life is more than simply following a 9-5 routine and ending the day binge-watching shows. There’s more to life than scrolling on our phones. We’ve created grand excuses to justify why we can’t, rather than making our cants a reality. Studies show that the average user spends two and a half hours daily on social media in 2022. Half of our time on our phones in 2022 is reserved for social media. Studies also show that dedicating at least 20 minutes per day can lead to learning a new skill like a new language or instrument. Other studies show that as a general goal, we should aim for at least 30 minutes of intense physical activity/training every day to lose weight, maintain weight loss or meet specific fitness goals. Lastly, taking 20 minutes to read every day can boost mental health, improves critical-thinking skills, and expand vocabulary. We make excuses when all it takes is 30 minutes or less for improvement. 

Dreams do not become a reality until we quit making excuses. I encourage you to rid of the excuses and truly take change seriously. Don’t let the 2023 year slip by and you look back realizing you’re at the same place you’ve always been. What you do today is a part of the history you leave behind. You are capable of greatness. Test your limits. If you fall, get back up again. Get uncomfortable and do that thing!

Matthew 25:14-30